Orthodontic treatment is possible at any age as long as there is a strong supporting apparatus, a good oral hygiene and a motivation of the patient. You can be a part of the Implantology, prosthetic, periodontal, or therapeutic treatment. In some cases, adult patients may undergo only a correction of "social six" - six anterior teeth to improve the aesthetics and their quality of life.

Of course most appropriate time for treatment is adolescence, where if necessary the growth of the jaws can be modified. Very suitable is the time of replacement of primary teeth, when the growth of the permanent teeth can be guided in the correct position. Here it is essential that the parents bring their child to the first orthodontic examination between the age of 5 and 7. This time a possible trauma of the newly grown teeth, lock in the growth of the jaws can be prevented or the child has to remain under observation during the period of replacing the primary with the permanent teeth.

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Orthodontic treatment for children

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