St. Ivan Rilski Dental Clinic

St. Ivan Rilski Dental Clinic was established in 2000. Dentist Dr Gergana Doshkova and Detist Dr Ivan Doshkov carried out their idea to create a modern dental clinic, which they develop successfully up to the present. As a result of their hard work comes the award for "Contemporary dental practice with successful management" and a diploma, "Efficient allocation of responsibilities in the management of the dental practice" in the national competition for "Dental practice manager" 2011 organized by the Association of Dental management experts in Bulgaria.

The staff includes six experienced dentists who keep improving their qualifications.

There is a ceramics laboratory which can come up to the patients’ high aesthetic requirements.

A radiography with reduced radiation dose for sector X-rays, ortopantomograms and cephalometric radiographs is also available.

You can relax in the friendly atmosphere of a café in the open with a special playing children area.

The dental practice is situated in the heart of the town and has excellent communications by road.


Our advantages

A multidisciplinary approach in solving clinical cases for the complete rehabilitation of your dentition

6 dentists

The dental health of the patients is taken care of by six dentists with many years of experience, and a continuous effort to improve their qualifications.

Dental laboratory

To satisfy the high aesthetic requirements in prosthetic dentistry, the complex has a dental laboratory.

X-ray machine

The complex has a radiological apparatus with a low level of radiation for sector, orthopantomographic and teleroentgenography.


A cafe with a summer garden is available for pleasant relaxation.

Close to downtown

The dental center is located in the city center in a communicative place with easy access.

Health Fund

We work with the health fund and send a reminder to visit the clinic