Dental services in a relaxed environment and without pain

We at the Dental Center "St. Ivan Rilski" Gabrovo, we believe in the power of teamwork! We provide specialized dental care for complete rehabilitation of your dentition

The dental health of the patients is taken care of by six dentists with many years of experience, and a continuous effort to improve their qualifications.


Dental implants are a modern alternative for restoring a missing tooth.


Various surgical procedures are performed, such as the extraction of temporary and permanent teeth and other related operations.

Orthodontic treatment

A key factor for the success of orthodontic treatment is the patient's motivation and partnership with the orthodontist.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry /crowns, bridges, removable dentures, implants/


A brilliant smile is unthinkable without beautiful and healthy teeth

Conservative treatment

Photopolymer fillings have better aesthetic qualities and greater strength than ordinary polymer fillings.


We use the "Scorpion - D" complex for physiotherapy procedures


The specialized digital X-ray laboratory

Whiter teeth

Smoking, tea and coffee are just some of the factors that cause your teeth to turn yellow.