A brilliant smile is unthinkable without beautiful teeth and healthy gums. The goal of modern periodontology is to keep the dentition in a state of optimal function and comfort throughout the patient’s life. Prevention plays a key role in the prevention of periodontal diseases. A simple periodontal examination will determine the condition of your gums, the depth of periodontal pockets, the presence of plaque and tartar. Carrying out clinical oral hygiene includes cleaning tartar, removing retention sites for the deposition of dental plaque. Prevention can be effective if it is followed by personal oral hygiene on the part of the patient, accompanied by active cooperation with the dentist.

At the “St. Ivan Rilski” dental center, we offer tartar cleaning, teeth polishing with mineralizing agents, polishing with a whitening effect.

If necessary, open and closed curettage, splinting of loose teeth.

We offer a PET test /DNA analysis/ sent for research in Germany to detect the bacterial causative agents of periodontitis using individual antibiotic treatment.