A spacious waiting room and three dental surgeries with the latest dental equipment are available to our patients. We use the following appliances:

3D дентален скенер - Emerald

3D dental scanner - Emerald

In an effort to be of maximum benefit to patients, we have added to our equipment a 3D dental scanner-Emerald of the Finnish company Planmeca, to achieve brilliant results.
The intraoral scanner recreates the highest level of oral scanning and virtual model generation with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

SIX Laser Lancet - combi - 2 lasers in one device

High Energy Diode Laser & Low Energy Therapeutic Laser

For the high energy diode laser:
With the Six Laser Lancet, a wide range of bloodless manipulations are performed, such as: periodontal treatment and curettage, endodontic treatment and decontamination, soft tissue surgery and ablation, hemostasis, teeth whitening, etc. And with the Six Laser Lancet-combi, in addition, biostimulating and photodynamic therapy is performed.
Control is through a touch screen display.

About the Low Energy Therapy Laser:
Low-energy laser therapy (LLLT) is non-thermal, improves the speed and quality of tissue recovery of mucosa, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves. It helps reduce inflammation and often provides immediate pain relief.
Included as part of the usual treatment protocol is a powerful prevention of complications in dental practice. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a new and promising method of treatment.

- Physiotherapy device "SCORPION.D", including laser, electroodontodiagnostics, apeslocation

- LED whitening device BLUEDENT 12 BL, designed for whitening hard dental tissues by photoactivation of whitening gel

- Demonstration program in 3D dimension for the solution of many clinical cases, illustrating implantological, orthodontic, prosthetic treatment. Patient motivation for oral hygiene, etc.

- Ultrasonic tartar cleaning device

- Intraoral camera

- Electrocoagulator performing smooth cutting of soft tissues and contact coagulation

- Dental microscope for precision endodontics

- "St. Ivan Rilski" Dental Center uses a Lisa 500/300 autoclave for sterilization. The sterilizer has been developed in accordance with the European standard EN 13060 concerning small steam sterilizers and safety standards.

- In rhythm with the rapidly developing technologies in all aspects of medicine and dentistry, the center works with the 3Txer program. She herself is modernizing the basics of orthodontic analysis and treatment by turning the analysis of a simple plaster model into a computerized analysis of a digital 3D model of the real case. It allows visualization of the effect of different treatment options for each patient, as well as more accurate and effective positioning in the individual case. All this leads to more effective and short-term treatment, greater awareness of the patient and ease of visits to the office.