Dental implants are the most advanced medical and aesthetic alternative for completion of missing teeth and improving quality of life.


In order to understand what a dental implant is, it is important to understand how a natural tooth is constructed. The natural tooth is constructed of a root hidden within the jaw bone, and a crown which is visible. The implant replaces the root of a missing tooth, whether it has been damaged (by carries) or absent due to trauma accident or gum diseases. The supplementary crown of the missing tooth, a bridge consisting of several teeth or a denture can be mounted on top of the implant Hundreds of scientific publications and studies in dental implants indicated extremely high success rates of over 95% for the implant process.

What is a dental implant?
Dental implants are the most convenient and closest solution to natural teeth - they restore fuctionality, conserve natural teeth and of course aesthetics.
On whom dental implants can be performed?
Dental implants can be performed on almost anyone. Certain medical conditions require special attention and consultation with the attending physician.

We in Dental Clinic "St. Ivan Rilski" can offer a treatment with dental implants of world well known implant system Alpha Bio Tec. All procedures are performed by a specialist in Oral surgery and implantology. For your individual treatment plan, rehabilitation and comfort care all clinical staff.