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It’s never too late to look and feel your best! In today's world, problems like crooked teeth, spaces between the teeth or teeth that stick out can decrease your self-confidence. Although most adults seek orthodontics for cosmetic reasons, many also seek treatment because of jaw dysfunction, excessive wearing of teeth and gum or hygiene problems. Our approach is to concentrate on straightening teeth and on achieving harmony for your teeth, jaws and face.

We can offer you several techniques:


Esthetic brackets:: We use ceramic brackets and brackets made from a single crystal of pure sapphire, the second hardest mineral known to man.

Metal brackets

Lingual bracets - invisible treatment: The lingual braces are attached to the inside surface of the teeth and are completely invisible to the others. They are usually made of metal. The results are excellent.

Clear aligner прозрачни вакуумни шини

Transparent vacuum aligners - The individual aligners are made on the basis of a precise plan. This is possible thanks to advanced technologies, which allow you to substitute your aligner with another set for more precise adjustment.
To achieve the desired results you have to wear your aligner throughout the whole treatment except when taking food and liquids. You'll need to visit your dentist regularly for replacement of the aligner. You will soon see the beautiful changes that occur in your smile.

Plates with different construction

A preformed appliance - It solves the orthodontic problem of your child with only 2 – 4 hours wearing of the appliance during the day and during the whole night. It can be used to direct the cutting permanent teeth in their correct position.

Cases before and after orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is possible at any age as long as there is a strong supporting apparatus, a good oral hygiene and a motivation of the patient. You can be a part of the Implantology, prosthetic, periodontal, or therapeutic treatment. In some cases, adult patients may undergo only a correction of "social six" - six anterior teeth to improve the aesthetics and their quality of life.

Of course most appropriate time for treatment is adolescence, where if necessary the growth of the jaws can be modified. Very suitable is the time of replacement of primary teeth, when the growth of the permanent teeth can be guided in the correct position. Here it is essential that the parents bring their child to the first orthodontic examination between the age of 5 and 7. This time a possible trauma of the newly grown teeth, lock in the growth of the jaws can be prevented or the child has to remain under observation during the period of replacing the primary with the permanent teeth.

Orthodontic treatment for children

Orthodontic treatment for adults

Complex treatment