Thanks to the advancement of materials and techniques, dentists today have the opportunity to choose the material with which to restore fractured and decayed teeth. As a result, the restored teeth look completely natural.

Photopolymer fillings have better aesthetic qualities and greater strength than ordinary polymer fillings.
The materials we use for tooth restoration are from leading companies on the European and American market such as: Heraeus Kulzer, GS, Voco, Coltene Whaledent, Bisco, 3M, etc.
In case of greater damage to the tooth, inlays-obturation can be made based on a previously taken impression. They have greater strength and can be made of metal or ceramic.
The dental center has a dental microscope for more precise and visible endodontic work in root canal treatment, which prevents residual infection in atypically located or extra canals.
In case of deeply damaged teeth, when it is necessary to remove the dental pulp, we offer you modern methods of root canal treatment with measurement of their length and precise filling using the method of lateral condensation. This method allows successful treatment of already treated teeth with granulomas or cysts present, preventing surgical resection of the root apex.

Chronic granulomatous periodontitis in resorption stage after endodontic treatment.


We also offer an additional incentive for your children, such as colored fillings for baby teeth, so treatment becomes child's play for them.