Dr. Rumen Radkov

Dr. Rumen Radkov graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" in Varna in 2014.

Already during his studies in May 6-9, 2009. takes part in the 14th Congress of BaSS (Balkan Dental Society), Varna

24.12.2012 Participated in a handson course on "Augmentation procedures with piezosurgery in dentistry", Varna

28.11.2012 Participates and organizes the campaign "If in doubt CHECK!" city of Varna for the fight against cancer of the oral cavity.

November 2014 takes part in a course on "Theoretical and practical aspects of complex implantological and prosthetic cases", Petah, Israel

12.12.2014 Participates in the handson practical course for placing fillers at "HIALURONICA ŽVital Esthetique France" Sofia

29.05.2015 Participated in a practical course on "Microsurgery I level Dr. G. Manev" Sofia

25.09.2015 Participated in a practical course on "Microsurgery II level Dr. G. Manev" Sofia

October 2015 participated in a practical special class of Dr. Ofir Fromovich "Theoretical and practical aspects in complicated implantological and prosthetic cases" Petah, Israel

6-7.11.2015 Participates in the course "Scientifically based implantology in complicated cases and patients with accompanying diseases" Budapest, Hungary

18-21.03.2016 Participated in the "Advanced Implantology Course" of AlphaBio Tec, Bansko

23.04.2016 Completed a training course for work and safety techniques with a high-energy diode laser SIX Laser Lancet IV class, Gabrovo

Dr. Radkov joined our team in 2014. and quickly gained the trust of patients. There is a marked interest in the field of Oral Surgery and Periodontology.